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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why invest in a coach?

A coach works with you to stretch, grow and explore what working and living boldly means for you.

A coach provides an objective and skilled approach to guide you to achieve your goals by overcoming obstacles, minimizing self-limiting beliefs and identifying your blind spots. You don’t have to have a coach to achieve your goals, but you will get further faster with the help of a coach.

What are the benefits of coaching? 

  • A confidante sounding board and mirror are available to you

  • You gain a champion of you and your bold goals

  • Honest and true assessment of your limitations

  • Candid feedback, clarifying questions, support and challenge

  • An environment that allows you to create, grow and make your dreams a reality

When is the right time to work with a coach?

When you are ready to drive significant change and transformation for yourself. When you are ready to move past your limitations and live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

How does coaching work?

The coaching relationship begins with a complimentary introductory call that informs me of your goals and explains to you how coaching works, in detail. After reaching an agreement to work together, you complete a questionnaire that provides me with more information about you. Sessions are scheduled based on your availability and mine. They are held 2-3 weeks apart and are conducted virtually over the phone or by video conference.

What does a coaching package look like?

Coaching packages start with a minimum requirement of 8 sessions. The first two sessions are exploratory and serve to uncover more about you and your goals and obstacles. The next six sessions are driven by you and what you specifically would like to receive coaching about. Homework is assigned during each session as an opportunity for you to reflect and observe prior to the next session.

How much does it cost?

Coaching fees begin at $1600/package, for individuals, and $5000/package for leaders within organizations. Packages range depending on your needs. An estimated cost will be provided during the initial complimentary introductory call.

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