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Career Coaching

For Individuals

Are you ready to make the career leap that you’ve been longing for? Are you ready to go for it and soar to new heights in your current field or shift into a field that is authentically you?


I work with people to overcome their obstacles and self-limiting beliefs so that they can achieve the career of their dreams and live the life they’ve always imagined for themselves.


Take my free brief Career Transformation Questionnaire to determine if you’re truly ready to go for it:


  1. If you won the lottery (worth millions) tomorrow, would you leave your current role? Yes/No

  2. Do you want to jump out of bed with joy to start your workday each morning? Yes/No

  3. Are you longing to make a greater positive impact within your company, your community, the country, or the world? Yes/No

  4. Do you wish you had the same high energy level on Monday mornings as you do on Friday afternoons? Yes/No

  5. If you were able to overcome the obstacles in your way, would you go for your dream role or dream career with complete abandon? Yes/No

  6. Do you have an underlying feeling that you could be doing so much more with your career? Yes/No

  7. Are you ready to be open, vulnerable and emotional in order to do the work necessary to achieve your ultimate career goals? Yes/No


If you answered Yes to at least 5 of the questions, you are ready for career transformation!

Schedule a complimentary introductory call to learn more about how to achieve your transformation:

Coaching for Organizations

For Organizations

Are you exploring coaching for your organization?


Do you have leaders within your organization who have the potential to lead at a much higher level than they do today?


I work with organizations to support their leaders to rise to their full potential in their current role or move up to a higher role with substantially greater responsibility.


Having worked in corporate America for a quarter of a century, I understand the critical role that leaders, of all levels, play in the success of the organization. My extensive background in coaching leaders and individual contributors, formally and informally, over the past 20 years has given me the experience and insight needed to transform individual contributors into leaders and existing leaders into the best leaders they can be.


Working with each leader’s unique strengths and talents, together, we remove obstacles and barriers and create a winning outcome for both, leader and organization.


My program drives self-discovery, development and transformation of clients at all levels. Clients learn how to leverage their strengths and become aware of patterns and behaviors that require change in order for them to reach their full potential.


My approach to coaching is a formal process that entails working with the client to establish clear goals which are supported by well-defined action plans. My clients achieve positive and sustainable changes in behavior and development of skills that will drive significant, measurable results. Clients and their organizations win by attaining:


  • Engaged team members

  • Sustained energy for growth

  • Improved financial results

  • World-class customer satisfaction

  • Delighted stakeholders

Schedule a complimentary needs assessment call now:

Creating Cultures that Support Working Mothers

For Organizations 

70% of today’s workforce is comprised of women who have children under the age of 18. Many of those same women are regarded as top talent in their companies. It’s imperative that employers create an environment that better suits and supports the needs of working moms to prevent the loss of valuable talent, the reduction of knowledge surplus, and costly recruiting endeavors. The earlier the organization works with women on their motherhood journey, the better the results.  


Together, Kelly Emery of baby beloved, inc. and I are committed to serving organizations who recognize the opportunity to build programs and shape policies that help their existing mothers and mothers-to-be relieve some of the pressures associated with being a high-performing professional and a primary caregiver.


Our consulting engagements and workshops are specifically tailored to your business and mutually agreed upon to help build a mom-friendly workplace that drives value for your organization.


Kelly and I work with you to assess your current support system for working moms, from pumping rooms to leadership support to leave policies. We work with your current demographic of working moms to create a baseline for engagement levels.


We then provide you with a measurable, outcome driven statement of work that shows you exactly how you can improve your physical environment and culture to make your organization more mom friendly.


We work with you to implement the changes and measure upward shifts in engagement, six months and twelve months post implementation.


Our statement of work includes a new mom workshop and a one on one lactation consult with Kelly and a one on one coaching session with me.


Kelly Emery Bio:

Since 1994, I have helped mothers as a doula, a certified lactation educator, a registered nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In 2004, baby beloved was born and I've since been incredibly inspired by the women I’ve had the privilege to work with (over 11,000 and counting!).

Schedule a complimentary needs assessment for improving the working mom culture in your organization:

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